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Comedy-Drama   |  6 min  |  2019  |  HD

Log Line: “A white temp babysitter, late for a meeting, gets impatient whilst babysitting a young black girl, eventually, she discovers how the little girl sees the world.”


Synopsis: A white babysitter awaits the news of a job commission, meanwhile, she is pestered by the young black girl in her care requesting help with her homework. In the process of helping her, the babysitter discovers the little black girls' understanding of race and how it differs to that of adults'.

Director's Quote:

"The film addresses a child’s exploration and understanding of race and how theirs differs to that of adults. The innocence and inability to fully understand the complexity of race and the results it can lead to."

Directed by: Tosin Lepe

Starring: Neria Balogun,

Foxey Hardman, Sherrone Colavechi.

Audio language: English        
Subtitles language: English

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